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Flights To Burning Man Plaza (NV88) not available for 2016

Flights to Burning Man Playa (Black Rock, NV.)

Arrive by Direct Air

Round Trip Flights between your California/ Western States Airports and Burning Man.

Based upon your special request, we are able to fly out of many of the airports within the Western States. In addition, should you be traveling from the East, we can provide jet transportation into Reno. From Reno, we will fly you to Burning Man Playa.

DON'T MISS A BEAT! Fly to/from untimely scheduled meetings/appointments that must be attended during the Festival, allowing you to take care of business, yet be at Burning Man the same day.

Flight Details

Flying with friends

Flights are available from most any airport, anywhere. Naturally your fare will be priced as appropriate from the departure airport.

Passengers as a group may wish to flight share as a group and pay the appropriate pro-rata portion of the total fare. This can be a cost saving measure.

Major HUB Airports such as San Francisco International, San Jose, Los International Airport, Burbank Airports, Phoenix International, are available as landing sites. However a surcharge to cover landing fees and traffic delays associated with these airports will apply.

A fuel surcharge may be charged based upon cost of fuel at the time of the festival.

Weight is a prime factor aboard any aircraft whether the weight be passengers or cargo. You can expect limits upon amount of gear/baggage to be stringently enforced. It is best, if you can, to send your gear with someone you trust who is driving. Limited space is available for backpacks and other carry-on gear. If your baggage is overweight, you can expect a surcharge and or be delayed.

Number of passengers aboard each aircraft will be based upon their weights and how much gear is carried. The pilot will be the final determinant of the safety limits of the aircraft load.

Direct Air Flights are managed in association with Golden State Jets. We are not liable for postponed or cancelled flights due to weather or other safety issues that impede our ability to complete the flight(s).


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Security on Private Commercial Aircraft

  • The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has enhanced security regulations at private airports.
  • All passengers must present two forms of identification before boarding an aircraft.
  • Pilots have the right to inspect passengers and luggage.
  • Direct Air is continually working with aviation industry officials to determine what and if additional security measures or requirements are necessary.